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ชุดสะพายกลองสแนร์ ยี่ห้อ LUNAR รุ่น GEMD-100
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Product/Service >> Carrying a musical instrument. >> ชุดสะพายกลองสแนร์ ยี่ห้อ LUNAR รุ่น GEMD-100

ชุดสะพายกลองสแนร์ ยี่ห้อ LUNAR รุ่น GEMD-100 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
ชุดสะพายกลองสแนร์ ยี่ห้อ LUNAR รุ่น GEMD-100


ชุดสะพายกลองสแนร์ ยี่ห้อ LUNAR รุ่น GEMD-100

Code: 001902
Regular Price: 1,560.00 THB (Ref. 52.00 USD) 
Special Price: 1,300.00 THB (Ref. 43.33 USD)
You Save: 260.00 THB (Ref. 8.67 USD)


LUNAR GEMD-100 Drum Sets
General cleaning method
1. The components of the machine are plated metal. Use mild soap and water to wash both inside and outside. Put on paper, newspaper or container to dry.
2. The components of the brass. To clean with tamarind juice. Scrub the dirt out, desiccate if not necessary. Avoid using chemicals. This will cause the metal to corrode when used for a long time and will cause the coating to fall out. If necessary, it should be a long time. To extend the life of the longer.
3. The inner tube. Most of the stains of limestone island. This is caused by the reaction between saliva and air. The wind can not pass easily to blow the time.
Use diluted vinegar diluted with water. Soak for about half an hour. Then rinse with mild soap again, desiccate.
4. The components that are prominent spring, needle spring and mechanisms that need to be flexible. Shall be used with oil lubricants suitable for use in applications such as oil or water.
5. Ingredients Use a soft cloth or cotton wool to gently wipe gently. To make dirty stains. Caution is particularly Do not let the mitten hit the water until the oil or oil. It will cause swollen swelling does not work.
Study of specific properties of each instrument. And procedures.
Wind instrument
Wind instrument Study of the components. Especially, the machine is famous for spring, needle, cork, cork, which each instrument in this family. There are similar devices. Only the size of the components. It should be studied that each instrument has a principle of how to maintain it.
The flute family has two types, furious and fleece, with the same mechanism as the piccolo has two pieces, the flute has three parts, removing the pieces that make up the machine and then removing the various pieces.
Make sure you remove the parts that are out of the way. The detector must remember which parts are removed before or after. If it is not sure, arrange the mechanisms on the paper or the prepared container. The assembled assembly consists of a removable rear end, then arranged in sequence until the first removable part. Removing this instrument requires special care because the mechanisms are very small. Sometimes, if not careful, may cause damage, such as broken needles, bent or mitts may tear.
Saxophone and clarinet have the same mechanism as the first, but larger. More convenient to remove the mechanisms. But to be extra careful is because of the components of the machine to 5 pieces, so the removal of the machine must be very careful. If not done properly, it can cause damage. The joints may break or break, which will cause damage. Disassembly of the basin must be tightened. Remove in the straight direction, do not twist, because it will break or break. And to press the various parts to attach to the machine. Otherwise, each of the jigsaw pieces attached to the jigsaw can be bent or bent. And another important is to remove the components of the tongue, the loosening must loosen the strap loose and then remove the tongue. Caution is not to remove the tongue to any thing because it will break the tongue or chipped. Removing parts that are different mechanisms. Do the same as removing the flute. Removing the mechanism of a musical instrument The saxophone is the same. But this type of instrument is easier to remove than the instrument mentioned above. This is because the mechanisms are larger. The strength is greater, but if you do not care, it can cause the same damage. Cleaning the instrument In addition to the need to know how to disassemble and assembly will need to know. How to clean Each instrument will have different methods. The appearance is obvious, such as metal fabricated mitts, spring pins or other things to be discussed in detail.
GYA Music Shop Owner of LUNAR brand musical instruments, marching band, orchestra parade, walking the field of good quality. Price is not too expensive. The price is cheaper than the market to 50%. Specification is required by the Government to apply to all public and private schools. Products from abroad Imported by gai music There are many products such as drum, drum, snare drum, parade, trio drum, quattro drum, drum drum, marching drum, marching, marching, bellies, plastering, rowing, etc. produce a lot. Stock Products shipped all the time. In 2004, Lunar produced drums for use in marching bands. And has evolved. Until now, it has been popular throughout Thailand. Because cheap Good quality Warranty
Weight : 2 g.

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